The Fall


24” x 36” digital print

Styrofoam, stucco, paint, faux finish paint materials

This tableau vivant was performed on my installation of The Fall at Franconia Sculpture Park by Claire Barber, Freya Gabie, Hilary Mussell, Carissa Samaniego, and myself.  Special thanks to Jason Bord, Rachele Krivichi, Adam KC McGee Abe, Anders Nienstaedt, Dane Winkler, and John Hock.

I am interested in the performative nature of installation-sculptures and actions that exist for a finite amount of time. Each of the sculptures in The Fall are carved out of modern construction materials that have replaced classical stone and marble. The forms in this installation are reminiscent of the ubiquitous mix of revered Classical figures and American idealizations found in sculpture gardens across the United States. Rather than depicting athletic gladiators, my figures have updated American physiques.