Slumber Underground: Interspecies Burrow


Steel, rattan, fabric, zip ties, video, books, bird nests, wasp nest, and found objects

7’ x 8’ x 5’

In 2017 I was invited to join a radically collaborative group of artists and scientists who create artworks together called Omnibus Filing and received a sub-award from the National Acadamies Keck Futures Initiative. “Slumber Underground: Interspecies Burrow” is a model of a ground hog burrow I scaled up so people can crawl inside to encourage empathy with nature. I began by studying existing burrows with Ground Penetrating Radar and Arthoscopic cameras, then wove my version out of rattan and found materials. I took soil samples which Rachel Field, PhD candidate in BioMechanical Engineering, analyzed in her lab at Columbia University. I lined the inside of my burrow with felt sculptures of the bacteria. Children created games and tossed the bacteria sculptures around during the opening. In the end, the piece is about stacked habitats and the creatures who live around, under, and inside of us.