Brass and maple

24” x 19” x 6”

“Hourglass,” was made from a wedge of maple taken from a tree that was cut down in my old neighborhood in Providence, RI, sawn and cast aside by an exceedingly kind and gregarious arborist. I rescued the wedge of maple and mirrored it in brass, creating a reflection between the made and the acquired. Humans domesticate nature, framing and curating our experiences with the world. Hourglass is a unification of raw and highly fabricated materials. The natural edge of the maple is carefully mimicked in cut brass. By polishing the brass to a fine sheen the wood grain reflects and imprints on the polished surface. Like the wood grain the viewer’s reflection is a hazy ghost in the brass, seeing their form integrated with these materials in a natural and voluptuous shape, a civilized animal.