Geometries of Progress


From Left:

La Philosophe, His Own Petard, Mme L., High School Hook-Ups

La Philosophe, 2009
Polyethylene barrel, motor, saltwater, sand, poplar, oak, tennis balls, shovel spade, steel, paint
8’ x 5’ x 1.5’

His Own Petard, 2008
Lead, tin, nylon ripstop fabric, ribbon, fan
5’ x 5 1/2’ x 6’

Mme L., 2009
Polyethylene, blown glass, glow in the dark magic sculpt, acrylic, black sand, paint, wood, and light.
5’ x 6’ x 11’

High School Hook-Ups, 2009
Pattern paper, glow in the dark paint, paint pen
48” x 60”

Dribble, 2009
Pattern paper, paint pen, acrylic
48” x 86”

The figurative sculptures in this body of work are inspired by conflicted heroes from the history of science. Facets of historical unconscious are explored using contemporary materials. I trace tales of innovation, exploration, and ambition with wry humor, comparing their promises of social and scientific utopias against the present.