Carve, 2010
Vintage feed sack fabric, grain, soil.
4’ x 6’ x 1.5’

Flow, 2011
Hose, brass, plastic.
6’ x 5’ x 1’

Colonel, 2011
Wood, foam, corn, vintage feed sack fabric, steel rod, cotton fringe.
6’ x 3’ x 1.5’

Shelter, 2010
Vintage feed sack fabric, wood embroidery hoop, needles.
18” x 12” x 1”

Preservation, 2010
Vintage feed sack fabric, mason jars, pesticides.
Scattered jars, 6” tall each.

Industrial agriculture as we know it originated in World War I. In “Carve” I use vintage feed sack fabric (commonly resewn into clothing) to create sandbags, considering wartime impact on civilians. “Flow” is a three dimensional drawing made with hoses to map the evolution of pesticide formulas. “Colonel” critiques excessive use of corn in the US diet, expressed through the deterioration of a defiantly statuesque figure. Through the installation I trace a path from classical, to opulent, to grotesque.