Still Life with Soda


Corn meal, corn syrup, soda, vintage feed sacks, cotton, tyvek, landscaping fabric, air drying clay, electric candles, grain grinder, stainless bowl, meat tenderizer, wood, magic sculpt, wainscoting, wallpaper, carpet

Installation View

I composed this still life with contemporary foods and products analogous to objects in Baroque still life paintings, considering the way industrialized agriculture has changed our taste in both senses of the word - the flavor of our foods and the aesthetic guiding our selection of them.I combine colors, patterns, and forms found both in urban environments and what Better Homes and Gardens Magazine describes as “French Country Baroque” rural decor. There is a cross fetishization of lifestyles between rural homeowners who long for cosmopolitan surroundings, and the farm-to-table restaurants, farmers’ markets, rooftop gardens, and hipsters canning goods in Brooklyn. I designed this installation in the form of a period room. One can enter the picture plane to walk around the piece, but its final media- whether it is meant to paint or photograph or use as a performance space- is left intentionally vague and full of potential.