Germany, from the series Flight Home, 2006 - 2010

Oil on board, painted frame

9” x 11”

Beginning in 2006 news of an impending bird flu pandemic threatened from the covers of major newspapers and magazines. Discussions centered on the impact of globalization in accelerating the spread of the disease. The corresponding photographs printed with the articles were a perfect visual correlation. No matter where in the world they were taken, the individuals in the photographs stood on misty shores in the same Tyvek suits and safety gear. Examined as a group without labels it is impossible to guess where each image originated. I began to collect these clippings and painstakingly create oil paintings of them, translating the events to a medium used in a time when news, people, and disease spread more slowly. The hazy, romantic brushwork and soft palette emphasize the tragic impact the disease has on nature. The intimate scale and hand-made frame make the image feel personal, bringing a global threat home.