Artist Statement

I employ the tools of archaeology for studying the origins of our ancestors, to excavate the material traces of my own personal heritage and interrogate my own mythology, beliefs, and identity. As time goes on we invent new tools to study the ancient past, while paradoxically moving farther from our initial connections to it. I prefer to concurrently examine recent events and their open wounds against this past; the evolution of personal narratives alongside the transformation of physical remains.

My recent work explores the evolving historical narratives of ancient women. As I examine ancient figurines I enter the sacred other worlds they conjure, as well as the worlds of the artists who made them millennia ago. As I catch myself projecting fantasies onto the past my desires for the present are revealed; for different social structures or matriarchal societies, closer relationships to natural environments, daily intimate interactions with art objects, ongoing communion with ancestors, the freedom to abstract features and reimagine the human form, and the discovery of new kinds of beauty.